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Where to go

Within a few steps from Casa Gemma there are Piazza Santa Maria (with parking, APT, bank, washing centre, bike rental, pizzerias, restaurants and bars) and Via Fillungo, the main street of the city centre.


Casa Gemma is not far from the most important Tuscany‘s places of interest:

  • Viareggio 20 km
  • Pisa 20 km
  • Firenze 70 km
  • Barga 35 km
  • Castelnuovo Garfagnana 50 km

To reach these places just use the train service or the autobus service:

  • How to reach the Train Station: just see the instruction in the section How to reach  us.
  • How to reach the Autobus Station: you have to go to Piazzale Verdi. Take Via Fillungo and go straigh on untill you reach Via Roma. Then turn right and reach Piazza San Michele. Go straight on, and with the church on your right side, take Via San Paolino. Go straight on untill you reach Piazzale Verdi.